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Chix Chx Alcala - PinoyBigBrother Photos and Bio

Nickname:   Chx
Name:   Chiqui Llamaso Alcala
Birth Date:   June 29, 1981
Birth Place:   Caloocan City


Hobbies:   Watching movies, playing billiards and surfing the net
Motto in life:   Life is so short, let’s make the most out of it
Greatest fear:   to be left in the dark place with flying cockroaches
Love is...:   to sacrifice anything even their own happines
Describe yourself in three words:   sweet, sexy and sensitive

TV show:   Friends
Local/foreign actor:   Jericho Rosales
Local/foreign actress:   Maricel Soriano
Movie:   Gladiator
Movie line:  
Musician:   J.Lo and Eagles
Song:   Hotel California
Food:   Pasta, Pizza Ice Cream and chocolates
Cartoon character:   Mickey Mouse

Batibot or Sesame Street?   Batibot
Sharon, Vilma or Nora?   Vilma
The Hunks or Backstreet Boys?   Backstreet Boys
Bananacue or Turon?   Bananacue
Gwapong/magandang mahirap o panget na mayaman?   Guwapong/Magandang Mahirap

Anong itsura kaya ni Big Brother?   I think he’s a very strong and sharp looking guy
What kind of housemate you can't live with?   Back fighter must not live with me in the house
If you will be allowed to bring a thing that is prohibited, what will it be?   Mobilephone
What will you do with the money if you win PBB?   I’ll insure the future of my sister, Hannah and my other siblings from my mom and dad. I’ll put up a small business and save some to the bank for emergencies. I’ll give more to my parents to repay all of their sacrifices to me and I’ll shop til I drop hehehe.

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