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PinoyBigBrother - PBB Episode Reviews

So what'd you think of last night's show?

Here I'll write reviews of each episode of my favorite show. If the show has been on for a while, I might also include annotated descriptions of past episodes on this page.

Do you have a review of a PinoyBigBrother Episode?

One of the most controversial episodes was the revelation by Rustum Padilla that he was gay.

In the PinoyBigBrother First Edition, there was the controversial kissing scene between Chix Alcala and Cass Ponti.

In PinoyBigBrother Teen, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson was the hottest pair!

Favorite Episode

In this area I'll talk about my all-time favorite episode. I'll try to explain why I think it's the best and why it's important to me personally.

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