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Magnanimous Winners: Housemates Share Their Christmas Aginaldo to Golden Acres

The housemates have proven again why they are individually and collectively very Pinoy as they showed three of Filipino’s most-cherished values: hard work, unity and magnanimity in the face of triumph. 


The housemates completed their special Christmas tree made of empty Biolink boxes past midnight. They proudly presented their finished work to Big Brother. “ Nagumpisa po kami sa isang box na kami pa ang gumawa!", Say told Big Brother. Nene offered a more substantive explanation of their daily task: “Katulad po ng iba’t-ibang kulay at variant ng product, kami rin po iba-iba. Kahit di kami magkasundo sa paggawa noong una- may padiretso , pahalang pero pagdating po sa huli nabuo pa rin po namin siya at maganda po! At matibay po siya kagaya ng pagsasamahan namin na matibay, kahit ano’ng mangyari matatag kami! Iyung star simbolo ng pagtutulungan at samahan namin dahil kundi kami nagtulungan di namin ito mabubuo.”


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